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Default What Smoking Has Done to My Health

Recently I had to go see a doctor to get approval for my immigration and a funny thing happened. According to chest x-rays, various cardiopulmonary and tests for any other serious, common disease. According to the doctor my physical condition is the same as it was 20 years ago when immigrated here and left military service. Outside of being 12 kilos heavier ( in American terms Iím 6'1" and 225 lb) my health hasnít changed at all and Iím better off then most folks my age. This happened while smoking either narghiles, pipes or cigars almost daily.

The doctor asked if I made a mistake when I checked the box on a form indicating I smoke and I said no. He then asked me what and how often I smoke and I told him he launched into a typical anti-tobacco harangue to which I replied that either tobacco is not the demon you say it is or your examination is totally wrong.
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