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Default Re: All hookah bowl types

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
you have your main shapes of egyptian (with the mod bowl lumped under it), phunnels, and then the more traditional tombac bowls.

glass (pyrex/borosilica)-more for looks
ceramic- there is no such thing as a clay bowl, it is unglazed ceramic and yes it is a big difference, if you had a clay bowl (unfired) it would not last more than a session or 2. once clay is fired it becomes ceramic, you have the difference of what type of clay it was that will determine some about the bowl (like the phunnel bowls use a special clay).
metal- easy to make and looks cool but doesnt work well, metal dissipates heat to fast

The Phunnel and vortex Bowls and some of the " ceramic Bowls" use a white clay similar to Koalin which is used in the porcelain Industries Ceramic means a mixture of Clay and metal (normaly oxides) which is then fired a a very high heat. The Glazed Clay and unglazed Clay bowls is made from red clay and looks like a dried out version of the original hence the naming "Clay" Bowl though it is fired in kiln but not at sutch a high tempreture as the White Clay. (btw the red color of the Clay come from Iron oxides in the clay)It is also known as Earthenware. The products of the White clay is more oftern than not made with mass production mouldswhereas the red clay versions are more handmade on a potterswheel See the difference in thickness in the bowls. The red clay versions tend to have more imperfections and no two are exactly alike whereas the white clay version all are uniform in shape and size.

I think this thread would be very helpfull for the Smokers so that they can know what to look for in a good bowl. Size depth Hole patern ect.
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