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Default Re: All hookah bowl types

Originally Posted by glostersa View Post
The Phunnel and vortex Bowls and some of the " ceramic Bowls" use a white clay similar to Koalin which is used in the porcelain Industries Ceramic means a mixture of Clay and metal (normaly oxides) which is then fired a a very high heat. The Glazed Clay and unglazed Clay bowls is made from red clay and looks like a dried out version of the original hence the naming "Clay" Bowl though it is fired in kiln but not at sutch a high tempreture as the White Clay. (btw the red color of the Clay come from Iron oxides in the clay)It is also known as Earthenware. The products of the White clay is more oftern than not made with mass production mouldswhereas the red clay versions are more handmade on a potterswheel See the difference in thickness in the bowls. The red clay versions tend to have more imperfections and no two are exactly alike whereas the white clay version all are uniform in shape and size.

I think this thread would be very helpfull for the Smokers so that they can know what to look for in a good bowl. Size depth Hole patern ect.
see every time i talk to people in ceramics about clay/ceramic/porcelain and try to research it my self the real definitions come to
-clay=the material used to make anything in the ceramics field
-ceramic= clay once it has been fired
-porcelain= ceramic, no specific definition other than usually white and high quality but no set standard for the term

as to the size/shape/etc of a bowl it really comes down to personal preferences, tobacco smoked, coals used, etc. i am an avid fan of the mod bowl where as a lot of people here hate them, some people like very shallow and wide bowls, some people like deep and thin bowls, etc, it just comes down to everyone's individual set up and what works for them. over all i would say a bowl that has a decent width and a medium depth is ideal over all. it also comes to a bigger bowl will smoke for longer but depending on its design it will vary how the flavors are. on a tangiers bowl packed really tight with nakhla it will smoke 2 rounds of coals for me but the 2nd round of coals the flavor gets lost a bit where as with tangiers the 2nd round doesnt lose the flavor as bad.

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