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Default Re: Can anyone say Lucid?

Originally Posted by WinBigLoseBig View Post
I find that with Lucid the flavours are not as strong. I really enjoy Tangiers Horchata, but on the Lucid line I find that it is not nearly as strong. It still smells great but the flavour doesn't come through like it does with their regular line.
Eric seems to think that Nicotine acts as a flavor enhancer, hence your observation about the flavors being muted.

This is why Tasty Peach is commonly available only in Lucid and not in Noir, it was originally a flavor key and too strong for Noir, but in Lucid it is just right.

Eric claims that the new Lucid flavor [Censored] is perfect only as lucid and will not be released commercially as a Noir flavor.
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