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Default Re: What Smoking Has Done to My Health

Originally Posted by boomhauer
Originally Posted by FURsAKeN
Different people, Different resistances; to put it short and sweet.
exactly, that was the point of my and zen's post.

have two people smoke one pack of cigs a day since they where 18. guy #1 may never get cancer and guy #2 may get cancer. both might get it but at different times, both may never get it. there are so many factors and it just depends on a persons body.
But, I can gaurantee you both guy1 and guy2 will have lungs that are black and deteriorated after so many years of smoking cigarettes. True, one might get cancer, and the other might not. But the evidence of them having smoked for so many years, will come up in the lung x-rays. Hajo stated that his lung xrays came clean and that his doctor would've never imagined that he was a smoker. This obviously proves a little something about the effects of smoking hookah vs. the effects of smoking cigarettes.
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