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Default Re: Hookah Pet Peeves

Im going to come out and say it i hate two hose hookahs, second i hate people that don't pass the hose correctly, just pisses me off. They ask me the rules then they don't follow them. If you are going to ask then you better play by them.

Second Syrian VS KM, who cares its a hookah, if it smokes and purges well then who cares.

The last thing that just ticks me off (this is why i don't share with people i don't know anymore) The kids smoking their hookahs outside with their Chinese piece of crap, and you nasty QL, smoking Hookah Hookah and giving me that look like your better them me and not offer me a pull. Then i pull out my baby QT with a Razan smoking Nak, and they all want to try, SCREW THEM posers.

Ok that's better i feel good now haha
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