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Default Re: would this be a good First hookah?

with HS i would suggest sticking to brand names or styles that are known for very good quality, their off brand hookahs (from my minimal experience with them) are very disappointing

Originally Posted by phatpride1 View Post
Why does everyone want multi hose hookahs? I think their crap but that is my opinion. You might as well go for a KM or Syrian if you are going to spend over 70 for a first hookah. Well good luck choosing.
i like having the ability to have more than one hose, when you smoke with more than 2 people or even with some one else that likes a lot of smoke, or just while doing something else with some one like playing cards or sitting farther apart 1 hose gets annoying. the myas are pretty good with the multi ports and i even took a port off another hookah i have and was able to use the purge valve bottom with it and it works extremely well (basically no noticeable resistance) i just still need to plug the other side

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