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Default Re: Hookah Pet Peeves

I Hate:
- hose hogs. when i hookah with my friends (3-4 people), we have a 3-4 hit and then pass. some people hold it for 6+ until i have to snatch it from them.
- people who come during the middle of the session and try to get their hits asap.
- people who come over uninvited to smoke.
- people who come over but don't contribute to the hookah fund.
- people who come over and criticize my set up/shisha/coals.
- people who think they know more about hookah than me. if you don't like how i pack or set up, don't smoke with me.
- people who criticize my flavor choice.
- people who expect free shit b/c i work at a hookah lounge.
- people who mess around with the coals when it's smoking perfect.
- people who ash their cigs in my tray.
- people who smoke cigs around me while i'm in a session.
- people who eat and then smoke and leave food particles in the hose.
- people with wet lips that pass without wiping it off.
maybe working at a lounge has increased my peeves, there's some more that i've forgot, but i'll add more later.
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