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Default Be kind, rewind!

Okay, I had to make this post as I have been bothered quite a bit lately about the faces I see in here continuously making fun or making bad remarks at the people trying to get into hookah. This forum was created to unite hookah enthusiasts no matter how much knowledge on the subject they may or may not have. We are here to INFORM people about the pros and cons of these hookah products.

I will give an example of what I mean by a post going something like this:

"Hi my name is Scoobydoo5600 and I am just getting into hookah and I want to get a four hose hookah like <insert link to cheap chinese hookah> what do you guys think about this being a first hookah?"

Response from said member(s):

"That thing is a piece of crap why the hell do you want a multi hose hookah it's just stupid, you should buy a KM."

As us being a helpful forum and not a forum that disses people for their noobishness a more appropriate response that would be more fitting should go along the lines:

"Hey, welcome to the forum. Sorry to inform you but you may not want to get that Chinese hookah simply because it is more than likely made with cheap materials and cheap labor meaning that it will be well, cheap. The hookah itself won't last as long as a quality hookah such as..."

I have also noticed people talking bad about multi hose hookahs just because it isn't their preference. Why should someone buy a single hose hookah just because you think it's a better? Some people want a multi hose hookah because they smoke with, well, multiple people. I have owned multi hose hookahs in the past and loved them just fine. There must be a reason why Khalil Mamoon is making multi hose hookahs and stamping their name on it?!?
Generally a new smoker will aim for this type of hookah before anything else as logically it makes more sense to have a multi hose just for an in case scenario.

Also the people that knock brands that they personally have no clue anything about said brand. If you don't have personal experience don't say bad things about a product, it only makes you and the forum look foolish.


"You should buy the KM over the MZ because it's a better hookah"

Only to find out later that that same person has NEVER smoked from a MZ a day in his life and has no clue about the quality of this brand.

I don't want to get too personal with this post, so I am sorry if I am. I just seem to be seeing this happen more and more as the forum grows and I think these people need to have this offense they are doing a known problem existing in here. This is a serious problem growing within the forum... Moderators, actions need to be taken on these people that do this continuously.

Please just stop making people feel foolish and give good advise on the subject(s), no more of this "crap" talk or badmouthing, please. Give good, solid, and known advise and please be able to explain a bit on why so you can give this person knowledge they can use. So, be kind, rewind, and be a bit nicer to fellow members on here weather new or old.

Thank you,
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