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Default Refrigerated Shisha???

i was wondering i am a cigerete smoke and i keep my ciggeretes in the freezer makes them more fresh in my opiniion and the first his on a cold cig is the besst lol but anyway i know you cant freeze shisha becuase well its wet tobacco and it will freeze intoa block but how about refrigerator to keep it fresh? i know when i open my hookah on a hot day there is condensation on the inside maybe spoiling the tobacoo? would keeping it in the fridge help it stay fresh? NOTE:i keep my shisha in a tupperware bowl with a perfect seal

PS: btw thank evryone on the site for puting up with my S*** lol i know i am verry picky and ask alot of questions but i thank you for opening your hearts and letting me in to your great comunity!!!
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