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Default Re: Hookah Pet Peeves

i hate it when people try to tell me stuff about shit ive been doing for almost 3 years
i hate it when people hog and then complain im hogging even though its mine
i hate people who dont contribute SOMETHING like money/coals/shisha
i hate people who think they can smoke cigs in my house just cause i have a hookah
i hate PRINCE tobacco
i hate people who tell me to wash my hoses... THEYRE NOT WASHABLE!
i hate people who drool on the hose tip and forget to wipe
i hate people who whenever im sick, tell me its because of the hookah
i hate people who use hoses like mics when theyre talking
i hate people who make experimental mixes with my shisha in large quantities
i hate people who do anything to cause a carpet burn/person burn/ any injuries or messes really...
i hate people who try to tell me its not worth the extra expense to have a chinese and that im just a "rich boy who wants to brag"
i hate people who try to shot gun and/or blow smoke in peoples face without asking
i hate people who think my dogs are smoke absorvents
i hate people who change the music or movie i'm chilling to while smoking
i hate couples who ask to smoke with me and then end up making out non-stop while i smoke a bowl alone without conversation
i hate my sister asking to smoke with me and/or my friends and then when she collapses from buzz effects i get blaimed for it
i hate people who think my hookah is "cute"
i hate people who try to convince me they don't need mouthtips cause their herpes "isnt active"
i hate drunk people smoking my hookah
i hate brazillian aluminum foil, its too thin and rips way too easily. viva my dad bringing me foil from the states
i hate flat tongs that are more like coal catapults than anything for gripping
i hate people who only come over to smoke, HELLO IM A PERSON!
i hate when people stare at me setting up my hookah, UNLESS they are trying to learn and have asked to do so before hand
i hate people who TRY or DO put ANYTHING other than water/ice in my base. thats a NO NO
i hate people who say the smell from my hookah stinks
i hate watching chick flicks while smoking
i hate people who try to make me laugh while smoking or poke me to make me cough. thats a FACE PUNCH buddy...
and i have more but ill shut up now...
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