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Default Re: Be kind, rewind!

Originally Posted by Gizmo View Post
I know where the frustration is coming from, as I see it often in another forum I frequent.

I know, before I signed up and started making posts asking questions, I searched. There's plenty of information here, from reviews on shisha, how to set up this or that, and even comparisons of different leading brand hookahs.

Often when a new member does post a topic that has been beaten to death, we'll kindly inform them that there is such a thing as a search button and that it actually works. Then, just to be extra nice, we'll find them a thread that already talks about the subject they are inquiring about.

While I agree it isn't fair to go off at new members, I do think they have to do their part of the investigation. Not everything in life can be a handout.
This man speaks the truth! We have a community of very helpful and friendly people. When someone new shows up and instead of looking around for answers they post a question that's been answered 1,000 times a month it gets old. The Mods here try to keep the attitude positive but sometimes you have to let the mud slingers sling their mud. I don't like negativity toward new members, but we like folks to be able to speak their minds without fear of bans for little or no reason.
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