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Default Re: Be kind, rewind!

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
This man speaks the truth! We have a community of very helpful and friendly people. When someone new shows up and instead of looking around for answers they post a question that's been answered 1,000 times a month it gets old. The Mods here try to keep the attitude positive but sometimes you have to let the mud slingers sling their mud. I don't like negativity toward new members, but we like folks to be able to speak their minds without fear of bans for little or no reason.
THANK YOU some people understand what were talking about. If you don't want OUR honest opinion then use the search to see other people's threads.

Yes im going to say that hookah's from china suck, and that multi hoses are a pain. But that is my opinion, you don't have to read my post if you don't want to.
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