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Default Re: Hookah 2 go?

I think we need to all calm down. Let's not get all riled up for nothing. We're all civilized here, and should act as such.

Now, onto your question. I think it's more than a matter of logistics, you need to make sure there are no legal aspects you're not seeing. There may be licensing you need to do things like that, as well as a health card/health certification to run something like that.

All in all, if you're really willing to find out what the law says about hosting some kind of bar, and then going out to get the required licenses, then go for it. And make sure you have some reading material on or about the hookah and smoking the hookah (i.e. enlighten them on the dangers of smoking hookah as apposed to smoking cigarettes and the cultural history and relevance of the hookah).
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