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Default Re: Hookah Pet Peeves

I dislike when people eat onions and then smoke from your hose, then you can taste their onions
i dislike when people hold in the smoke, it just causes a tense atmosphere and really does nothing, and less flavor and clouds are experienced on the exhale
i dislike drunk people knocking things over.....ive done it myself a few times
i dislike people telling me that i take too long setting up...except hookah john

however....i also dislike talking about things i dislike, so on the contrary, im gonna list a few things i love

i love when i get a nice buzz
i love huge clouds and flavor
i love when my sister surprises me and has the hookah ready for me when i get home. And generally it smokes quite well, and she uses mixes i wouldnt think of
i love these forums
i love hookah
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