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Default Re: Hookah 2 go?

glad the pissing match has ended

any way, its a good idea... on paper i am not sure if the people at a coffee shop randomly would be up for it, also there is a decent amount of added mess the establishment you will be at needs to be aware of (the coal ash that will be blown all over , possible burns, possible broken glass, possible spilled hookah water which does leave a strong smell, etc)

when it comes down to it i dont think you will get out of any red tape other than dealing with the building stuff but honestly you probably will have a better income with your own shop and just deal with the red tape. if you set it up as a smoking lounge i think you should be able to get around some of the laws and if not set it up as a club where membership costs what ever once hookah session costs and then they get a "free" session then after that they can get a hookah session for your set price, membership is open to the public, then you are no longer a public institution you are a private club and you can do what ever the hell you want in the building

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