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Default Re: Hookah 2 go?

Quite honestly, the best way to get people familiar with hookah is to start a lounge. Before the nearby hookah lounge opened up, no one knew what one was, or mistook it for something else. Now, i know many people who have never seen me smoke and they are familiar with it. I would look to buy a shop somewhere with a street front patio so people would become more familiar with the sight of them and maybe want to try it themselves. As far as the "red tape" goes, just check and see what you can and cannot do in Fargo, and just make sure not to do it, or get a license for it. To me, you sound like your in a great situation to start a lounge, your in a city that is not familiar with hookahs and by starting a lounge, not only will it educate the community, but you would make a killer because there is no or little competition.
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