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Default Re: Really noobie question

Originally Posted by HookahMaster
Originally Posted by Mutter
Thanks to everyone for the help. i smoked some starbuzz white peach out of it today. the smoke was good and it was hitting fine, but for some reason none of us (a group of around 5) could taste the white peach very much, it just tasted like flavored smoke, but not a defined peach flavor. anyone have any tips on how to pull that sweet flavor out into your smoke?

Used a large funnel (doesnt really seem very big) and 2 30mm golden QL's on opposite sides of eachother
This is strange. Starbuzz provides TONS of flavor. It' should be very pronounced. Specially with that white peach, that's one of their best flavors IMO. Question, do you or any of the other 4 friends smoke (cigarettes)? There might be a chance that all of your taste buds are "burned out". It happens to some people that smoke a lot. Other than that, the only other thing I'd check, is how you're packing the bowl. Make sure you stir up the shisha before packing the bowl. You want to get all of the juices from the bottom to mix with all the shisha. A lot of times people don't do this and end up smoking from the dried out shisha that's on top, and therefore not getting much flavor.
i dont know if they smoke cigs, i never have. we did stir it before packing the bowl. ill try splitting the coals in half like sambooka said and see if that helps
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