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Default Re: Healthiest Hookah

Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
Well, unfortunately, most of my friends wont smoke hookah because they try to stray away from tobacco. I was thinking, i should make the ultimate healthy hookah setup so that they might want to try it out. So heres what i was thinking

Herbal Shisha - no cane sugar based ones
Filter - These are made to filter out nicotine, but it might catch some other things too in the smoke
Diffuser - More water filtration
Taller hookah - Cooler smoke, which is less irritant to lungs
Ice in base - more cooling effect
Electronic Coal - session length is extended and no CO

I think that this setup would be something that the average non smoker would try, of course, you would have to explain everything to them

what do you guys think?
1) Be honest and informed. Explain to them that the risk factors for tobacco use are wildly overstated and show them the links i've posted on the subject a few times. Explain how tobacco smoke from a narghile differs from cigarettes.
2) The term "herbal shisha" is bullshit so don't use it and don't mislead people by portraying it as somehow less less dangerous then tobacco when no evidence exists to support that idea.
3)It's true that taller narghiles have cooler smoke as well as less CO.
4) While ice will make the smoke cooler if it's too cold you'll kill the flavour so mind your setup. I don't know of any reason to believe that cold water is a better filter for anything.
5) Diffusers are a great idea since they do more effectively filter the smoke through the water but I don't think water will remove much in terms of carcinogens.
6) An electric coal will definitely radically reduce the CO but if you use good quality, fully lighted coals with a good sized narghile and you don't inhale CO isn't much of an issue anyway.
7) If you are concerned about the health aspects don't inhale and treat a narghile like a good cigar and you'll have a lot less to worry about.
8) Don't push our hobby on people that can't appricate the experience. Tobacco finds those that can recignize what it offers. Use it in moderation and you'l get more out of it.
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