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Default Re: Be kind, rewind!

Yes PL that is one hell of an amazing post, major ups to you on taking the time on doing that!!!

My main focus here was to stop the negativity. I just hope this post made some kind of impression that lasts a long time to come on here. We will ALWAYS have newcomers asking multiples of questions we have answered a million times over and over. Hell I have even typed in as many of these "Hey I'm new here" posts as it's just about informing as many people as we can about this great tradition. I know I am repeating myself but don't post if you have no valid info.

Like this post in this exact topic has no reason to be in this topic whatsoever... this is actually the type of post that gets me fueled.

Originally Posted by chadtizzle View Post
i don't think all chinese rigs suck. mya makes some quality shit. but other than that...all chinese rigs suck...
I mean how could someone possibly know that EVERY Chinese rig sucks? Have you tried them all? If you have, can I have some of that money you are spending on these thousands of rigs? Also, there wasn't even any credible reason to even put this in here... We weren't talking about bad hookahs, this is a discussion about how this type of attitude is bringing the forum down. Even then, you didn't say why Chinese rigs suck... they just suck? How? Why? (Please don't answer this, I'm just making a point)

Just try to be more respectful and HP will continue to grow to be the best and biggest forum out there related to hookah. With that said I don't want people to think that you shouldn't give you opinion about things, just describe why that is your opinion. The world as we know it wouldn't work if everyone thought the same and bought the same exact things. So just keep in mind everyone has different opinions.
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