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Default Re: Hookah Pet Peeves

--saying that the smoke is stinking up the place. betch please. it's an air freshener
--when i'm at the hookah lounge and the bowl is already getting a little too toasty.. i can feel some harshness coming through and then they put a BIG A** coal on there. did you even get one that big? now the bowl ruined mofo...
--people at hookah lounges that dont know what they're doing at all. did you not get trained? did they just slap on a name tag and say "get to it"?
--when people hold the hose for a good 5 mins. yeah, no.
--when someone comes over, takes a puff and acts as if they're going to fall over from the "stong-ness" ... effing liar.
--general hookah stigma
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