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Default Re: Healthiest Hookah

Originally Posted by xin666 View Post
I was a non-believer once! Said I'd never smoke and that was that. Until I was hanging out with some of my friends at a lounge and had that first try...

That was the end of that.

I think instead of forcing them or trying to persuade them, get a bunch of friends together for a session at your house or lounge and let them see that it's really just a social thing to do. No lies to deceit, just friendly interaction. You catch more flies when you're not trying to...

I was a non smoker before I was 21. I was pretty anti tobacco. What eventually got me to try cigars was just my own curiosity and the advice of a friend. He did not sugar coat anything but said if i thought I might like it then try it once. The result of that is that I just got back from cigarfest 2009 and have three hookahs.

Hookah was the same way. Because I was a light cigar smoker i was interested in trying hookah. I only knew one guy that had a hookah and he did not treat it with the respect it deserved. There was a day that the clean hookah was packed with fresh tobacco and I decided to try it. Now look at me...

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