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Originally Posted by magnum44 View Post
Hi guys im from england and I was a member since dec 2008 but i never really had anything hookah related to discuss.
But I do now. I mean im in a really big jeopardy, i do no get the chance to smoke the best .ie. Starbuzz, Fantasia espiacally Romman.
really good prices on the net, but the shipping is a real bummer, really expensive!!!!!!
I Need Help fast!!!!!
One more of that Al fakher, Nakhla or Al Amir,
believe me i will faint. Someone help me please.
A few people have mentioned which would recommend since the owner is a great guy. That being said Starbuzz and Fantasia are rubbish and it's weird how people seem so excited about fake, candy type stuff that is so over priced. What you should try out is Desi Merli & Salloum since both are cheap, natural tasting and you don't get abunch of glycerin for your money.
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