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Default Re: What do you think of this Hookah

Originally Posted by Royal2000H View Post

The ports themselves unscrew? I thought the cheap part about Chinese was that it's all one piece.
Yes if the hose ports unscrew than it is most likely a chinese hookah. I know some syrians unscrew too but it is most common in chinese hookahs. Most people consider chinses hookahs cheap because some of the chinese hookahs use crappy metal and the common chamber design of chinese hookahs makes it tougher to purge.

Originally Posted by Royal2000H View Post
Also... how can you tell a good chinese hose from a "standard chinese hose"
Like this Mya you guys consider good right?

Which looks the same as the hose I have right now and the two that my cousin is holding. The hoses he bought were "upgraded" from the ones that came with the Hookah. He said their price was about double of the hoses that he would have gotten with the hookah.
The new Mya hoses now have Mya printed all over them. The wood on the handles also have a bit more weight to them and don't feel as cheap as the no name chinese hoses.
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