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Default Re: Do you think Hookahs is a temporary trend or the beginning of the future

i don't think that there is anyone over 25 that smokes hookah regularly in my state. Everyone is 14-22, roughly, but i can say no one that is older is smoking hookah. Granted.. i live in a LARGE population of Mormons.. but theres a handful of non-Mo's that live it up... That's a problem where i'm from. The hookah lounge here, downtown, only serves people 21 and older, so the actual hookah smokers can't indulge... + the legal smoking age is 19. Now, no one follows that rule, including Shops, but if you get caught you get in serious trouble.

I actualy started when i was 17. I said, one morning, "Mom, i'm buying a hookah" and she said "Ok.". ANd it came, and i smoked out of it, and she said "what are you doing??" and i wa slike "hookah" and then explained it to her and now she has bought me a large japanese cabinet to store my supplies and rigs in.

People accept it, they are really cool about it actually, including police, as long as your legal. But it will never grow large here because it is more underground than anything.
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