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Default Destruction of the E-coal

So, I ordered 2 more e-coals from Mahir and decided to sacrifice the original one i got to see what makes it tick. there was no way to take it apart without breaking it. I started by tapping the ceramic bottom with a screwdriver. Soon enough it was all broken except for one piece shown here:

2 wires attached. so that exposed this thin metal disc. I started hacking away at that and it turns out to be a bunch of these discs stacked together:

Then I notice the piece of ceramic still attached to the unit has some sort of metal inside:

and here's a shot of the inside:

So, i'm still not sure how this thing works as i'm not too educated on this stuff. It seems that the heat is transferred into the thin metal sections in the ceramic but i'm not sure how the heat is generated in the first place. maybe something with those thin metal discs. anyway, enjoy

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