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Originally Posted by kinghookah View Post
I guess the main thing hear is that the space for the lounge would have to be a "stand alone building" meaning it would not be able to be connected to any other building. Thats the problem. To find a building in this area that's stand alone and not 3000 sq ft is close to imposable. other than that getting the licensing is actually the easy part. There are plenty of really nice shops and store fronts avalible for cheap. The smoke can not infultrate any other area and acording to the city the only way to make that happen is to have the "stand alone building".
thats weird, the lounge we go to here is in one of the strip malls with a gun store on one side, their 2 fronts (lounge and store) then 2 or 3 others, one of them being a mini mart kind of place. i dont think there is any penetration onto the other stores. but if it is the law o well, kinda stupid though.

theres gota be some little stand alone ship you can find

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