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Default Re: What Smoking Has Done to My Health

Hmm, yes, but i don't think Sugar cane fiber is a very good base, it doesn't have as much body as tobacco. And the Glycerine used may not be high quality, same as the flavouring.

I do not end up with Blackened shisha after a bowl is depleted, but it is completely dry and i admit there are blackened areas in some spaces, but they are not large at all, minuscule in fact. That's what's lead me to believe that the glycerine is what creates the most smoke, the tobacco adds as a base, and it is cooked thourougly, only not burned like in a Cig or Cigar or pipe, hence the smooth non-irritating smoke. When you start to hear the tobacco sizzle you get that burnt smell, and the tobacco is "burning", and that's not what you want.

But hey, i could definitely be wrong of course.
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