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Default Re: Be kind, rewind!

I think the memebr Gizmo has said very smart things about this topic.. if you didnt read it please go back to page 1 and read both his posts..
and Dunkel.. I soo agree with Dunkels posts and think its great that you posted what you did so members can relax in their postings..

I would never just bump into a forum and go the first thing to do post something without looking for maybe:
what is this forum about.. does it have any FAQ or guides for simple problems/solutions..? What other parts is there in this forum ( ohh man look at that.. a REVIEW section ).. oh wait a search button? nice.. and ohh look.. you can scroll many sides back in the forum to ssee well.. what are these guys tlaking about.. what is up ? this process doesnt have to take more then 10 minutes ? I mean I remember myself as a noob in here.. I came in with one type of quesctions in my mind.. and after reading just a few topics on the forum I realised my quesctions have changed to something else because I now understand more about the subject....

Like photolinger said.. He has been putting alot of effort in explaining some many things in a sticky and the same goes with alot of us members here.. I myself have many times explained very simple things in detail and put alot of energy and time in some threads..
of course u get a little pissed when just a week after there comes someone with his 1st post 2 mins after he signed up on the forum asking right away the same quesction 4 of us just answered/discussed,..
Do we have time and energy to explain again..? No probably not 4 times a month..

So yeah we should kindly smiling refer to another place on this forum where it has been discussed many times before, or link them to the SEARCH button..
But I can really understand how some rudeness can get involved with this explaining and you would all understand when you read Gizmos post on the first page about
respect and mutual respect !

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