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Default Re: Warning for flavourghost thread!!

Originally Posted by kingboyb View Post
There are a variety of systems that lounges employ for differnet flavors/pipes.

Pipe 1: Apple/Light Citrus/Mint
Pipe 2: Floral/ Strong Citrus/Berry
Pipe 3: Tropical / Melon
Pipe 4: Herbal / Cocoa Chocolate
i would say against some of those combos personally, like the mint with the fruit flavors

here is how i would break it up with main group then sub groups if you had enough hoses


-earl grey
-maybe rose

-other flavors like carmel macchiato, irish cream, etc

i probably am forgetting a good amount of flavors but i can add to it later.

honestly i use 2 hoses, 1-mints/chocomint 2-all others (even earl grey) and then i have my 3rd hose i fixed (broke the port side of a nammor off but got it glued back so i use it as an extra hose when people come over). i found that honestly only choco mint really sticks in the hose out of all my flavors ( almost 20 nakhlas other than tropicana but i dont really smoke it, 6 tangiers, and 5-8 random others) tangiers seems to not stick really in stuff and ive been told that it helps kick out ghosting flavors or when the brass hookahs like myas that are not straight shot stems get the really bad flavor in them with out having to clean it with lemon or vinegar

ideally you would want to have hoses and hookahs for each grouping of flavors or even each flavor, i know it is common in the middle east that cafes have hookahs separated by groups/flavors so they dont have to clean them as often since the flavors dont mix and get weird they just get stronger flavored

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