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Default Re: What do you think of this Hookah

Originally Posted by Royal2000H View Post
Well the different metal. I'm not really good at determining what material something is made of.

Also, the shape. But what prevents a Chinese manufacturer from giving it an Egyptian look?

One of the things it said about Egyptian is the good purge (which is why i referenced it)
My first Egyptian has a terrible purge and my KM has an "ok" purge about as good as my solid brass Syrian. It varies drastically from rig to rig and no particular style will guarantee a good or bad purge. You will hear about KMs that purge in a half breath and some that take a lot more than that. There is no set rule. Hell I have smoked form chinese rigs that had great purges and I smoked from a couple MZs that had purges to put my KM to shame.

Purge is only truly necessary if you burn the tobacco or if the coal flavor presents it's self. I rarely ever purge any of my rigs nowadays.

The major difference is the manufacturing process. that is why I keep sayig to read the sticky that is designed to answer exactly this kind of question. Have you done that yet?
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