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Default Re: Warning for flavourghost thread!!

hey matt...
I have had 3 or 4 new hoses that I have variated flavours and experimented and htis and that the couple of days..
And I must say that it feels not even the chocomint is sticking to the hose..
I have been very carewful to pull out the hose and blow out of it when Im done so this is probably why.. also I have not used them for too long ( maybe 2 weeks..

But I feel that this is the case .. what you say.. not many flavours do stick..
a few does and I think Im not going to be this careful anymore.. maybe have 1 washable for "problem flavours" but there are just a few..

so if this is the case.. why are people so "I must have washable hose" ..? Washable hoses are ugly ( imo ) compared to the none washable..
for example KM hoses are not washable but daaamn are they pretty!
and some MYA hoses I have gotten have some real nice work done to the handle.. the hose that comes with the colusses hookah ( bad spelling )..

So I say to hell with washable hoses from now on .. right? Why even wash the hose? its no need to right?This is the opinion I have at this moment.. maybe it changes in a few weeks of smoking in none-washable hoses ...
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