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Default Re: Warning for flavourghost thread!!

i smoke chocomint a lot, basically every other night so with that much use it does stick more. i also clear my hoses after i use them (i suck them out though cause i just dont want to fill them with moisture since it is already humid here and i dont need any more promotion of mold).

personally i love the way the nammors look so thats not an issue to me but i could see you side of this. however i would never want to have a hose i couldnt wash because even if you clear the hose well after every use they will build up some flavor eventually. i just thought about how i havent had to wash my hoses out recently and i realize i have been smoking nakhla most of the time so i guess the more natural flavors is the reason behind that.

the other big thing to why washable hoses are pushed so much is that moisture will not hurt them since they can be washed where as non wash able hoses are made from leather, cardboard, cloths, metal that can corrode easily so when the moisture in the smoke gets into the hose it starts to break the hose down and ruin it that would not happen in a washable hose, given a good hose will last a very long time still but it still has that weakness

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