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Default Re: What Smoking Has Done to My Health

I was in a phase of making my own shisha and made several batches....

One batch had no glycerin and had honey or molasses and did not smoke worth a hoot.

Next batch had some vegetable oil which has hardly any glycerin in it but still some... and it had very little smoke.

Next we bought glycerin and put a few table spoons in it... it was better smoke yet but still not ideal.... the next batch we unloaded tons of glycerin... I would say it was 50% glycerin 20% corn syrup 5% water and 25% tobacco.... this combo smoked like a dream but the flavorings did not show up.

Now I was talking to eric and he said he had a recipe similar to mine but it had a little different percentages.... But his flavor comes out... now if I knew where to get flavor that actually is useful rather than cooking oils then I could give a good recipe for home made shisha.

This leads me to think that the tobacco is only there for the sole purpose of nicotine.... has nothing to do with smoke since I tried it without glycerin and no smoke.... Even though there was no smoke I do think I was getting the nicotine....

I also did research on glycerin and realized that it is not very toxic.... while some glycerin is (like the kind found in oil used for gasoline and such) most of the food grade or beauty supplies glycerin is perfectly safe. They even use glycerin as an alternative to sugars to sweeten foods.

Thats my thought on shisha.... Maybe I should have made a new topic or something....
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