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Default Re: Hookah vs siggarets

Originally Posted by Royal2000H View Post
The other day someone was telling me that in class (at my uni) they had a guest speak about how shisha tobacco actually has a lot more nicotine than is claimed (by testing in a lab) and it was way more than you would get from cigarettes

I called bullshit... but who knows...
Utter bullshit. The vast majority of moassel smoked in the Western world is washed and has almost no nicotine. If you smoke unwashed moassel or jurak the levels of nicotine run from about the same as cigarettes to about twice as much but since the tobacco is not burned most of the nicotine is not injested although the quantity used in a session is larger so theoretically you can get much higher nicotine expossure with a narghile. However, since smoking should be about taste and the stronger stuff is best enjoyed by treating it like an expensive cigar the vast majority of nicotine is easily avoided by not inhaling which is what I do.

In the end, nicotine is not what you need to worry since nicotine itself is not carinogenic. Instead, what you need to worry about when smoking a narghile is the CO content and that isn't an issue if you smoke sensibly.
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