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Default Bad hookah vase, what do you think?

Hey guys, I recently bought a hookah on here from another member and really feel taken for... I guess my question here is how would/could anyone be able to miss this while smoking out of a 40" KM on this vase? I'll get another picture later on how the hookah sits while placed tight to the vase.

I just honestly feel like crap right now as I have to place a wet paper towel in between the vase and stem so it doesn't lean while I smoke. The best part about the whole thing is that you can clearly see it in the pictures that it was leaning, but the guy even stated in the post that the hookah just wasn't pushed in all the way, but it is fine... Only question now is do I request my money back from paypal (buyer protection ftw!) and ship this hunk-o-junk back and buy a new one for about the same price, or eat it and buy a new vase? BTW only reason it would be the same price as what I spent on this is cause Mahir said since I got booted on this deal he would sell me one VERY cheap, well maybe for a baby present as well I guess. :-) Mahir
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