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Default Lighting Natural Coals

Ok so recently popped my Phunnel virginity and I have to say I immediately jumped onto the bandwagon, its not that much of a big thing in the UK (from what I know), only 1 online shop has started to sell them. But neway Ive been smoking using the coco naras and have had great smoke clouds (so much smoke that even after blowing it out when i talk its still there).

However I find that using the normal Electric stove which I have in the UK (such as the coals lights nicely one one side only, there is no air getting to one side of the coal ill flip it over to distribute the heat to both sides but once ive placed them on the bowl the side facing the foil tends to go black and "burns out" the top(side facing up) is nice and hot and i find myself flipping the coal over alot and having to blow on it as alot of the time there is a black circle in the middle of the Coal.

Is there anything I can do to make sure the coal is Heated from the core, ie maybe use a chefs blow torch to heat it.

Suggestions/techniques/peoples methods on heating natural coals (not on the coil hob) would be great

Ive added a lil paint pic of my coal where its not heated and hole setup
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