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Default Re: Bad hookah vase, what do you think?

Originally Posted by annual View Post
The first pic you posted is when I didnt have it in all the way and you can see that. The last picture I dont see it leaning. It is clearly vertical and fine to smoking, as he exaggerates it's unstable and not able to smoke out of. We have resolved this issue through PM's and it is over. Please close this thread and move along.
Hrm, I don't remember this being resolved... I just remember saying thanks for pulling one over on me and all I wanted was an apology... All I can say is this guy will NEVER be able to sell anything on here again, at least not if I have anything to do with it. At first I just wanted him to admit what he did was wrong but I guess I won't be able to get that since he STILL says this is MY fault.. LMAO @ brainless child acts.

Yes, the hookah smokes amazing. Yes, the Fantasia he gave me is a great flavor. No, it doesn't sit anywhere near perfect in the vase. No, I am not happy that I was lied to. Yes, I did get taken for from some guy who thinks money is more important than being an honest person. No, doing a good thing by returning MY money back to me when I accidentally overpaid doesn't make doing a bad thing by lying okay. /END

Thank you to all those who had suggestions on how to fix the problem for temporary. I will try some ideas out tomorrow from products at the local Home Depot. Scoop already msg me about a vase he has, although I may wait it out and find a crystal vase just for shits n giggles. Match that up with an all white Razan and a white vortex and I am in heaven! Hell, might as well blow some more moola on this bad boy.

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