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Default Re: Nakhla, Who has best price?

Originally Posted by bradedup View Post
Idk with nakhla the main thing is that I pull out the tobacco with my hand and have to spend a few minutes working with the clump I pulled out pulling the leaves apart and picking the stems out a bit. The cut tends to be all mushed together...smokes much better when u lengthen it out. Then its normal packing...well below the rim, foil shiny side down, small holes, fluffy, etc.
This is actually how I have tried it over and over again ... normally in a egyptian standard bowl.. But it nevers works to good for me.
but really.. Coulkd you please try this one day Bradeup and tell me if it works better for you? ;
small phunnel ( or medium ) tangiers.. and pack the shisha pretty tight.. so no need to open up clumps or to make fluffy..
This worked woonders with my small tangiers phunnel with scalli mod.. Its still going to the rim so not touching the foil .. and alot of heat on and a windcover and paff.. worked great! way better then Ive experienced it when trying in a clay egyptian and fluffing it and overworking the shisha..
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