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Default Re: Which hookah should I get?

OK here's my totally biast...cough I mean UNbiast oppininion. The only thing about the Ball hookah is well...the vase, and even that is a little TOO glittery, I've seen these vases in person and Holy Crap does it have glitter, but from far away it is a beautiful vase.
The stem, I dunno the balls aren't very gracefull to me, but really it's about what you think looks good.
And only god knows if it smokes good.

And the nour. OH THE NOUR!
It's brass, meaning you could probably enter mens Baseball with that thing and tears appart baseballs, plus it's right down BEAUTIFUL!
And a Handsome clear vase to set it in, yea it's droolable.
Now for how it'll smoke for you.
AMAZING, no doubt about it, it'll get the job done, AND THEN SOME!

Plus the Nour is a better quality rig anyways.

But I'm being totally Unbiast here
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