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Originally Posted by Pixelz View Post
This is NOT true, Razan hoses do not "squish" and Al Fakher Makes Healthy hoses that do not Squish either, infact its the ones that DO squish and kink that tend to be the non washable kind.
It's simple.

Unless it's a a Razan, Namour, the New Razan Maxura's (from thank you MAHIR!), an Al Fakher Healthy hose, Caravan/Grand Hose, You can't wash it.

Some Mya hoses are washable, but you HAVE to buy the washable version, the hoses that come with most mya's are not their washable variety.

And some vendors do carry some off brand washables, but when it comes down to it, Go research and shop around at HookahPro's Vendor Section.

End of Story.
Really? Hmm, i'll have to buy hoses and do a review just to prove you wrong. because most of my hoses, razzan, nammor, af, mya, and a few cheapies all squish, are highly taken care of, and are all washable. i have a few that aren't washable. two are KM hoses, one's a diaper hose [ that's what i call it] from sahara smoke from when i reviewed them, and there are a few others, that are really hard and can not be washed. i tried biteing one, and it nearly broke off my tooth. I guess i'll make a video tonight showing the guy what I mean.
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