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Originally Posted by i heart hookah View Post
Really? Hmm, i'll have to buy hoses and do a review just to prove you wrong. because most of my hoses, razzan, nammor, af, mya, and a few cheapies all squish, are highly taken care of, and are all washable. i have a few that aren't washable. two are KM hoses, one's a diaper hose [ that's what i call it] from sahara smoke from when i reviewed them, and there are a few others, that are really hard and can not be washed. i tried biteing one, and it nearly broke off my tooth. I guess i'll make a video tonight showing the guy what I mean.
lol squish or not, it's about the brand, not how they squish. Squishing can be decieving, my Razan hose has no give what so ever, while as my caravan I can flatten pretty easy. BOTH are washable.
My point is don't depend on how a hose "feels" or "squishes" to judge it's washability.
Instead of wasting time going around biting into your hoses and stil pondering on if it's washable. I'm trying to encourage new members to research a bit, look around, and see what our vendors have to offer them so they can make educated buys, if indeed they do want a truely washable hose.

That, Is the Only reliable way of telling if a hose is washable or not.
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