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Originally Posted by dimamalta View Post
well so can you plz tell me how to clean a non washable hose?
There is no real way to WASH them, but there is a way to increase their life.

After every session just blow out all the smoke and hang your hose somewere.

Or, if you want a deeper clean, get an air compression and blow some air out of the hose to get loose particals out of your hose and MAYBe some flavors.

But really Unwashable hoses are actually underappreciated.
There great for building up your favorite flavors!
Keeping around several non washable hoses for certain flavors is a favorite technique of some well respected veterans out here.

Just be gentle with them and treat your hoses with care. And they could last you a long time.

Just don't ever run water through em, the metal inside is not protected, and will rust, and well unless you love the flavor of rust, I wouldn't recomend it.

Just blow em out.

(I have a KM hose just for Cola flavors ^^)
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