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Default Re: Really noobie question

wow, thanks for the details. I wasn't expecting pics and all... Anyway, that is actually a small tangier's phunnel bowl. The large is truly gigantic. You can smoke several one hour sessions just out of one bowl! So you have the same bowl I have(small). I poke my holes in a ring patern. I poke two circles around the bowl. One is towards the outer edge, and the other is closer to the middle (each hole is about 1/4 inch apart). Your hole patern seems like way too much to me. I poke way less holes in my bowl and I've found that it provides better results. "Less is more". Also, try smoking with colder water, like ice filled or refrigerated water. This makes the session a bit smoother. I'm not sure if it would provide more flavor though. Other than that, I really don't know what else to tell ya...

DOH! I just remembered. Have you acclimated your shisha? I can't believe I forget about that. Depending on where you live, the shisha can recieve humidity shock with changes in weather from where it's made to where it's being opened and used. This could be the cause of your "no flavor" problem. Try setting it out in the area you usually smoke it for a couple of hours(exposed and uncovered). Stir it up two or three times throughout the process and just let it sit there. Try it and let us know...
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