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Default Re: what do you think of this?

First off, welcome to the forums.

Now on to the problem... Just because yours isn't a "true egyptian", doesn't mean diddly squat. I own a 33 inch true Egyptian and I also own two Mya's (which are chinese by the way). To put it in short words: The Mya I have is the BEST hookah I've smoked out of so far (in over three years of smoking). This is even comparing to not only my own but several other egyptians, my friends Syrian, and various other hookahs at local lounges. So trust me when I say that Egyptian hookahs are not always the best, and there are better performing options out there.

From what it seems to me, I think your problem is something you're doing wrong in prepping the hookah. You can watch someone do it a million times, but it's not something you can do right just by looking. There are some tricks and secrets you must know in order to have a good session. You can buy the most expensive and best hookah in the world, and it wouldn't matter if you don't prep it right. Correct prepping of the hookah and the proper packing of the bowl, matters way more than what hookah type/brand you have (to an extent).

Give us more details on your prepping methods. How do you pack your bowl? What shisha brand do you use? What's your hole placement like? Where's your water level? What coals do you use? Do you use foil or a metal screen?
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