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Default Pretty sure I just gagged on a mouthful of hose mildew

So I'm sitting down to smoke some Nakhla Mizo Mint, with the hose I use specifically for it, and when I start to inhale I get a big mouthful of black colored something! I was like "that was odd" and decide to look into it via the forums. Well, I had no idea that non-washable hoses could even freaking grow mildew but I found a post that said this can happen...

I washed it out just now and red and black stuff came out. I assume it's mildew.

Also, it's a good thing I have two hoses, but the other came with my Mya QT and I'm wondering is that one washable? I'm already guessing no so I might have to place an order tonight. If it isn't, is there anything I can use to clean it one last time before not washing it anymore?
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