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Default Re: Pretty sure I just gagged on a mouthful of hose mildew

Originally Posted by MichaelMassacre View Post
Cheap generic Vodka.
Baking Soda + Lemon Juice.

Any of the above soaked in your hose.

Bad. Bad newbie.

If the hose is giving you this issue that means it's not washable. DO NOT PUT ANY LIQUID IN A HOSE THAT IS NOT DESIGNED TO BE WASHABLE. If you do this it will ruin the hose. The hoses are designed of metal (not stainless) and leather. Both of those things react poorly to moisture.

Get a new hose. Get something washable. At this point it's beyond repair. The Mya hose is not washable either but it will treat you fine so long as it's properly cared for.
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