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Default Re: al-Fakher & Nakhla

Originally Posted by shishaholiC View Post
nakhla DA apple is the most smoked flavour all over the world and that is not by accident. It is simply a gift to mankind by the gods
Well this might be true.. but think about it.. Nakhla is very cheap and kind of standard in the arabic countries and such.. And these countries are the ones smoking alot of shisha.. But its not like they are chosing nakhla DA over AF because of this.. Nakhla is simply cheap and availible and 'oldschool'..
look in the US for example.. you've got soo many alternatives.. do you think nakhla Da is the most common flavour there too? I doubt it.. and even if it was it would probably be beause nakhla is cheap, well worth its price, common and also its consistent but in my opinion that is most brands ( except a few batches of AF )..
So dont overhype the hyped nakhla DA.. its 'good' but comeon its not the best.. make it a bit more expensive and u see it drop suddenly to "normal" popularity
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