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Default Re: In a predicament...

Originally Posted by largegiant04 View Post
I just placed an order from Hookah-Shisha yesterday and it shipped and should be here early next week.

This was my first order with them, so far so good.

Give them a call to see whats up.
The problem is not with Hookah-Shisha. They haven't received my money order, it's out of their control.

Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
might I suggest a pre-payed visa card in the future? Save yourself all this hassle and your order will proccess quicker.
Actually, I was going to do this but I couldn't find one big enough. I can only use one card on orders from HS. Otherwise, I certainly would have went this route.

Originally Posted by Shienhausser View Post

Thats just the post office man, after being sorted in Ft. Worth it SHOULD have been there the next day and even if you had missed the pickup for the day, it would be estimated for tues. Doesnt mean it was stolen but doesnt mean its even getting there. Ive had mail to NY take 12 days and mail to the UK take 5 days lol.

After checking the money order to see if it was cashed, it may be advisable to cancel/refund the money using the 1-800 number on the order, they may have you mail in a form from where you bought it depending on the brand. order although most M.O. companies will have a 8-10$ fee for doing so, and you have to wait. Just let H-S know whats going on.

If you REALLY dont want to get the prepaid visa or an electronic transfer of sorts, UPS ground or USPS Priority w/ deliv conf. is always better than just sending a letter.
Yeah, I think I might just get it refunded. I need to check on the status of it today. The only reason why I haven't yet is because it's a mail in form and the fee is $15.
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