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Default Re: Problems removing stem from vase

yeah but Im not talking about only being able to lift it in the stem.. if you change the gromemt as I said you will have:
a prettier hookah ( no ugly ass grommet between the base and stem )
much easier to seperate stem from base and to put it back in
_and_ being able to lift in the stem

theres only positive awaitings from changing the grommet against tape except 1 thing.. It takes about 20 minutes to do this.. first of all the KM grommet is reeaaaally tght so you must work for a while to get it off.. and then its jsut to start taping round and around and when you have reached a certain thickness then just try it on and from there you can adjust it so its perfect..
I have said this on the forum for loong time but only 1 person have ever tried it ( as I know ) and that was the Syrian master FarBeyondDriven ... Ask him about it.. he's very satisfied!
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